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Hurley Metal Fabrication & Manufacturing is fully equipped and staffed to meet virtually all of your metal fabrication needs. From state-of-the-art laser cutting, to traditional welding, to finishing, Hurley can be your one stop solution. 

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Sheet metal forming from simple shapes and patterns, to complex pieces using sophisticated dies.



We have a variety of new welding equipment including the latest in Inverter and Transformer...



Steel can be plated or treated, or processed to clean the metal and remove contaminants.

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About Us

Hurley Metal Fabrication & Manufacturing combines years of hands-on experience, plus the most advanced cutting, punching and forming equipment available. Hurley is a job shop specializing in critical tolerance projects at extremely competitive pricing. Short runs, long runs, punching, forming, welding... Hurley can be your one source for all metal fabrication demands.

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